Clogged Toilets

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Clogged toilets happen. But if your toilet clogs repeatedly, odds are the problem isn’t with your toilet. It’s the result of a clog somewhere in the drain or sewer lines. 

If the root of the clogged toilet isn’t addressed properly, it can lead to major problems—like your toilet not flushing at all or slowly backing up and overflowing. That’s why it’s important for you to turn your clogged toilet worries over to our certified plumbers. We’ll get between the pipes and address the root of your clogged toilet quickly and efficiently.

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How to Tell If a Toilet Is Clogged

As with any frequently used system in your home, toilets and toilet drains are susceptible to wear and tear. Over time, waste, toilet paper and other debris builds up in your toilet and your toilet’s drain and, eventually, can cause a clog. 

One clog doesn’t necessarily mean there’s an issue. However, if you’re constantly worried about whether your toilet is going to back up when you flush (or after), it’s time to give us a call because there’s something bigger occurring behind the scenes. You should also pay close attention to your toilet if it’s making gurgling noises, emitting foul odors and/or taking a longer time to drain after flushing.

Reasons your toilet might be clogging frequently include:

  • Too much debris, toilet paper or a non-flushable item has gotten trapped in the toilet drain.
  • Your toilet is an outdated, low-flow model.
  • Your sewer piping is damaged or roots have infiltrated the sewer line.
  • Your toilet’s trap is blocked.
  • Your toilet’s vent is faulty or obstructed.

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