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Is your toilet running? You better go catch(add strikethrough here) it call In A Snap for help! From replacing your aged toilet to repairing a newer model, we deliver the fast, dependable toilet replacement and repairs you need to flush away your toilet worries quickly—and for good!

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Signs You Should Be Backed up With Concern Over Your Toilet

Whether you’re trying to stop a running faucet in your house or fix a busted main sewer line in a corporate high-rise, you can call on our 24-hour plumbers. We have the equipment, training, and experience to tackle your plumbing issues on the spot to minimize the damage your home or building sustains. Residents and property managers throughout LA County, CA, trust our same-day plumbing services when they need immediate assistance. Our emergency plumbing repairs include but are not limited to:

A running toilet is one of the most common plumbing problems homeowners encounter. Not only is a running toilet annoying, it also wastes a tremendous amount of water. We’re talking 200+ gallons of water a day. And this water waste will cost you big time in your water bills.

Was your toilet manufactured and installed in the early 1990s? If so, odds are it doesn’t abide by the Energy Policy Act of 1992, which mandated a maximum flush volume of 1.6 gallons. Toilets manufactured before this law passed use 3.5 gallons per flush, which is nearly double the acceptable max. 

One flush should be enough to get the job done. If your toilet consistently requires multiple flushes, there’s something wrong. At In A Snap, we will get to the bottom of the problem and resolve it quickly with a reliable toilet repair.

Plungers were created for a reason. While clogged toilets happen, it should not occur frequently. If your toilet clogs more than once a week, something is wrong. From clearing a severe blockage to replacing a faulty part, we will get your toilet flowing again in no time.

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