What is the right way to clear a clogged drain?

There is so much drain-cleaning advice out there—most of which are not effective resolutions. Even worse, listening to and following just anybody’s drain-cleaning advice can actually cause greater damage to your pipes. To avoid this costly unfortune, here is what our certified plumbers suggest you do: Have your drain inspected and professionally cleaned once a year. Annual maintenance is your best defense against problematic plumbing.

You should also steer clear of store-bought drain cleaners. These products rely on harsh chemicals to clear your drains. Unfortunately, these chemicals are hazardous to your health and after repeated use, they can compromise the integrity of your pipes. Plus, these drain cleaners don’t actually resolve your drainage issues. Rather, they stand as a temporary solution for a clogged drain. Not only are the results fleeting, but they’re limited. While drain cleaners are effective at clearing hair or food clogs, they’re often unable to clear more complicated clogs such as solid objects or tough mineral deposit buildup.

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