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There is perhaps no more terrifying home maintenance issue than a ruptured or leaking gas line. Natural gas, also known as methane, is an insidious toxin. Even with its artificial odor, natural gas can build up largely unnoticed until it presents serious health and safety risks. 

If you suspect you might have a gas leak, get yourself and anyone else in the house to a safe location before calling the utility company and a professional gas pipe repair technician for emergency service. Stay away until told it’s fae to return.

The pipe replacement professionals from In A Snap Plumbing understand the urgency of your circumstances. We will rush an expert technician to your home with replacement tools and the diagnostic equipment we need for gas line repair in Van Nuys, CA. We strive to fix your gas lines quickly, professionally, and safely.

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Signs That You Might Have a Gas Leak

Gas leaks can be easy to miss, especially if a respiratory illness has reduced your ability to smell. Keep an eye and ear out for other gas leak indicators so you can get help.

Natural Gas does not have an odor by itself. Utility companies add the chemical mercaptan to the pipes so that people can more easily detect its sulfurous odor, a smell like rotten eggs.

If you smell gas, go on high alert. Unless there are actually rotten eggs or similar unappealing food items in your home, contact a professional to report a potential gas leak.

If you’ve been in your home or had tenants for many years, you probably have a general idea of how much gas your property uses monthly and yearly. If your utility bills are much higher than usual, particularly your natural gas usage, ask whether your family or tenants are using gas appliances more than usual. If not, the extra gas you’re be paying for might be leaking into your home.

Natural gas is harmful to plants, animals, and humans. If you suffer any physical symptoms, including:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Problems remembering and concentrating
  • Difficulty Breathing

As gas intoxication becomes more severe, a person or animal might lose consciousness and be unable to escape once symptoms become apparent. This is why you should call a qualified repair technician as soon as you detect a gas leak and find a safe place to wait until the expert fixes the problem.

An appliance with leaking gas hookups might produce a hissing sound as the gas escapes from the faulty pipe. A telltale sign that the gas is leaking is when the hissing sound persists even once you’ve turned the appliance off.

Gas leaks can occur at many points in your home, and the gas can quickly spread. Natural gas is lighter than air, so it can rise from a basement dryer hookup or water heater to invade the rest of the house. One of the first things a gas professional will do is measure the concentration of natural gas at different points in your home to identify the leak.

Gas Line Repair in Van Nuys, CA

The Process of Fixing Gas Lines

When you call us to fix a gas line leak in your home, we arrive with proper safety equipment and natural gas sensors that will pick up on even small concentrations of gas and allow us to track them to their source. 

Once we arrive at your home, you can expect us to:

  • Shut off the gas supply
  • Unhook the gas line
  • Remove residual gas left in the line
  • Replace or patch the line and reconnect it to the gas supply
  • Thoroughly test for leaks

Keeping Your Gas Lines in Good Shape

In A Snap Plumbing is your source for gas line repair in Van Nuys, CA. We are proud of our wide-ranging home repair knowledge. We look forward to having the opportunity to help you protect your home from a variety of dangers, including:

  • Gas leaks
  • Burst pipes
  • Sewer backups
  • And More

Learn about our drain clearing services and other plumbing services in the Van Nuys, CA, area. Just call In A Snap Plumbing at (866) 990-9099 to request emergency service or ask us any questions you have about gas pipes or worries you have about a gas line leak. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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