Discover 8 reliable tips to take care of your kitchen plumbing

The kitchen is an essential part of any home, but plumbing maintenance can easily be overlooked in our daily lives. Sweeping, cleaning countertops and taking out the trash is important, but you shouldn’t neglect your kitchen plumbing.

We’ve put together a list of maintenance tips to help you keep your kitchen in the best condition.

1.) Take care of your drains.

The same way it’s not a good idea to flush certain materials down your toilet, you should watch what goes down your kitchen sink drain. Cooking grease, oil and food scraps can and will cause a blockage if you aren’t careful.

While it may sound tempting to pour cooking oil down the kitchen drain, it’s best to use other methods to remove leftovers, such as let the fat coagulate, scoop into disposable containers, and throw in the trash.

2.) A simple tip to unclog your kitchen sink.

If you notice slow drains or there are foul odors coming from your kitchen sink, you may already have a clogged drain.

You can try to unclog it by pouring some baking soda and vinegar down your drain and then flushing with hot water. If that fails to dislodge the clog after two tries, it would be a good idea to contact a plumber for professional assistance. We are available 24/7 to help you. Give us a call at (866)990-9099.

3.) Avoid the use of drain cleaners.

We recommend avoiding the use of chemical drain cleaners, as they may damage your system even if the clog seems fixed. They’re harmful to your drains, as their corrosive materials can damage the pipes, causing them to leak and break.

Also, a backsplash of chemical-based drain cleaner can harm your skin and eyes.

If you have a clog, it’s best to not reach for the drain cleaner.

4.) Watch out for leaks.

A leak is easy to overlook, especially when it’s just a small drop. However, you should realize that not fixing them can be costly. Even a seemingly insignificant leak can waste a lot of water and increase your water bill.

If you notice a drop in water pressure, it could be a consequence of a leak in your system. Call an expert for plumbing maintenance before you need major repairs. 

5.) Keep your garbage disposal working efficiently.

Your garbage disposal is a great tool for your kitchen, and it needs to be treated with proper care. Even though it has sharp blades, it can’t handle everything: bones, eggshells, bread, nuts or hard food scraps that are too tough for the blades to cut through. That includes coffee grounds, which are prone to clogging pipes.

Running some vinegar through your garbage disposal can help to eliminate bad smells and clean the lines.

If your garbage disposal makes weird noises or the smells don’t go away, it’s time for a professional to give it maintenance or repairs. Look at the options we have for you. 


6.) Take a look at your dishwasher.

Your dishwasher, together with the sink and the garbage disposal, do the major dirty work in your kitchen. If not cleaned or maintained frequently or correctly, daily activity and kitchen waste can take a toll on its appearance and performance.

Running it on the lowest setting with a bit of vinegar solution in the bottom of the empty unit can help to clean it. A damp sponge with liquid detergent can also help to wipe away mineral deposits. Follow by having it run a normal cycle.

If your dishwasher is leaking or isn’t cleaning the dishes, it is likely to be in need of repairs or a replacement. An expert should come to assess the situation.

7.) Keep an eye on your water pressure.

Just as it’s important to look for leaks in your kitchen appliances, it’s worth checking your water pressure.If it’s too high, it can put a heavy strain on your home’s plumbing system. Pipes can be damaged, resulting in leaks, high utility bills, or equipment damage. Ideal water pressure should always be around 40 to 60 PSI (that is, pounds per square inch).


8.) Allow a professional to handle kitchen plumbing maintenance.

At least once a year, an expert plumber should come and inspect your kitchen plumbing. This is the best way to keep your plumbing in top shape and prevent issues that could develop into costly repairs.


We hope that you find these kitchen plumbing tips useful.

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